Possum Labs

Legacy software is fragile. It doesn’t have to be.

Return from Legacy

Software shaped your early success but it's hindering your opportunities to win the future.

Customers expect more, in real-time, the competition offers no room for errors, and regulations and security concerns are constantly evolving.

Employees are confused, frustrated, and skimming job opportunities as they struggle to meet expectations.

Sound familiar? Too familiar?

We can help you de-legacy your system.

Possum Labs

We’re tailor-made for organizations looking to secure, sustain, and scale — in short, to de-legacy your systems, and we have built the tools to make this possible.

We help your organization capture, retain, and activate your institutional knowledge to react to customer needs without unintended consequences.

Better yet, we’ll make your gains stick. Our solution engages across the organization, unlocking the expertise and passion of every member.

Why the Possum?

Simple, Resilient, Eats Bugs

That’s why we love the possum.

The Legacy Dilemma

Legacy systems are under pressure to evolve rapidly, despite the concerns and deliberations of administrators.

Frustrated employees & high turnover


Presumptions regarding core functions & capabilities

Erosion of knowledge & wasted resources

Ever-changing customer expectations


Lack of visibility regarding the impact of code changes

Buggy software & customer churn

Increased regulations & security threats


Inability to respond to fast-changing environments & needs

Costly maintenance & prolonged exposure

The Possum Process

Possum Labs gives your business the confidence to move faster through configuration, automation and intelligence

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