The Possum Lab

The Possum Lab is an environment dedicated to tracking and verifying crucial workflows in your product or implementation.

Our approach focuses on clear communication of how things should work.

After all, a ✅ is only as good as your understanding of what is being tested.

The Possum Lab is built to host your Domain Specific Language, which allows you to define how things should work in an Alexa-like English.

Language is the key to communication and understanding. Using clear, unambiguous language to define how your business should operate allows you not only to verify but also to communicate. You can describe how things should work before implementation, as well as demonstrate to external stakeholders, showing them what functionality you offer and how it is being tested.

This approach makes the Possum Lab:

  • Accessible: No need for a software developer write your tests.
  • Transparent: All code needed to run your test is open source, allowing you to extend the platform and download extensions shared by other users.
  • Communicate: The ability to provide different views of your tests for different audiences. Communicate workflows with clarity and tests to diverse stakeholders, internal or external, improving trust and buy-in.
  • Support BDD: Business Driven Development is the idea that you start by defining how your feature should work, and this definition becomes your automated test.
  • Support Regression: Testing existing systems is quick and easy, allowing you to make meaningful inroads to test coverage on older systems and track your progress over time.
  • Test Internal & External Services: We provide an open source abstraction on top of websites allowing you to test your code in the same language as 3rd party sites.
  • Support Refactoring: Our open source abstractions make your tests less fragile to UI changes and allow you to focus on verifying the business flows as the application changes.
  • Engaged Employees: We take the lessons learned from the teaching development to makes the Possum Lab accessible to a new high school graduate. We offer you the ability to interact according to your skill level – using anything from our drag-and-drop interface to your local Integrated Development Environment.

These features allow the Possum Lab to go beyond the .

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