Intuitive Technology. Open Source Code.

Meaningful Data.


Possum Labs takes a pragmatic approach to Quality Assurance in organizations.

Testers want to automate their tests;

Business Analysts want to define acceptance criteria;

Support wants to communicate reproduction steps for defects;

Management wants to understand what works in a new release;

And, customers want to see and understand what has been tested.

Possum Labs focus is on building an accessible editor that allows an entire organization to work together and communicate effectively; offering interactions that match the technical expertise of each user.

Solutions for the People You Have

Your people know your business, our goal is to teach them and help them get up and running; providing the support that is needed where and while it is required.

Our tools focus on offering a platform that is easy to use from the start and rewards you by building your expertise. Because we build on open source technologies, you know your tests are yours and can be run and maintained without any paid commitment.

Our goal is resilience, not dependence.

Generate value through trust.

We build software by leveraging larger subcomponents, whether these are libraries, frameworks, platforms or services. Verifying that these components work together is essential for anyone who relies on software for their business.

Our tools focus on these testing challenges. By building on an opensource foundation, it is possible to leverage other libraries and services.

By building an accessible tool designed for transparency, it is easy to verify that updating components allows your business workflows to complete; whether you wrote the software or are a customer of the software.


Ready To Automate?

We develop your talent, improve communication and build trust.