Possum Labs

We help organizations maintain legacy software by capturing, preserving and validating institutional knowledge.

For example, let’s talk about Bob

Software has a reputation for being fragile, but how much of that is the fault of the software vs. misunderstandings on the part of the people maintaining it? 


“Why did they do it that way?” 

–kid in a museum / new team member on a legacy software project


Legacy software projects are part archeology; the original developers have left, and records are lost. New developers pick up their pickaxes and start excavating only to return with a fascinating new artifact that every local uses daily. Often, the developer has misconceptions about what it is.

Why guess when your organization still has the institutional knowledge that was the foundation of the legacy code.

We provide the tools for your organization’s current brain trust to share their institutional knowledge. We don’t just capture their stories and preserve them. We automatically prove that the code works the way they say, separating myths from facts with automated test coverage

This concise, valid, living body of knowledge configured by the experts at your organization explains why they did it the way they did, preventing misconceptions. The automatic validation will ensure that nothing inadvertently breaks.

Legacy software changes; Bug fixes, new features, refactoring, security or regulatory changes, it is never “done”. Large changes will make automated tests incompatible, and you risk losing them. We focus on what the software is supposed to do, rather than how it is done. Our solution can let you use institutional knowledge as a blueprint for digital transformations, and after completion as validation.

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