Possum Labs


The mission is to codify and verify the behavior of existing software effectively. 

Possum Labs helps companies get a handle on out of control quality problems by providing them a platform that allows them to leverage anyone with business experience to help determine, define, and establish how the software should work. Possum Labs platform will handle the automatic verification. We design for business users; there are no prerequisite technical skills or experience.

  • Automate manual testing processes and verification of software development. 
  • Leverage precise and readable specifications for your onboarding. 
  • The Possum Lab, a SaaS platform for our customers
  • Provides expert training and consulting strategies.

Your existing test staff is overwhelmed because the new technical staff makes mistakes due to inexperience identifying what your software solves. Meanwhile, everyone outside of the development team is getting frustrated by avoidable defects but are unable to contribute effectively to a solution.

Project Managers, Technical Leadership, Business Executives, Management, and majority stakeholders of commercial enterprises may discuss Test-Driven Development (TDD) — writing tests before code by the developers. However, the turnover on development staff means that developers do not have deep business knowledge and can misunderstand the requirements. Business-Driven Development (BDD) — documenting how things should behave before we start implementing them in code. This is great, as the rest of the organization would be able to lend expertise. On the other hand, it is difficult, as so much functionality already exists. Both methodologies change how you do things from the beginning of the project; they prevent companies from falling into a hole, while what we need is a way to climb out of the pit.

From these meetings, the Possum Lab was born. The mission to effectively codify and verify the behavior of the software.