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I am an accomplished automation and process improvement specialist with over a decade of experience as a consultant and a long list of happy clients. Possum Labs is my channel to share my experiences (good and bad) and my most successful methods for working with organizations. I want you to be excited to get up and go to work each day. Every day. My ultimate goal is not only to save you time but to make your life better.

Originally from the Netherlands, I have experience working in both the United States and overseas. My life and my work experiences have provided me the opportunity to see problems from a variety of different viewpoints. Focusing on real people and real organizations, I recognize that each group has unique needs and requirements. This means that I am focused on pragmatic tactics and effective strategies rather than a theoretical approach.

Follow Possum Labs to learn practical methods to inform your decision making, concrete techniques to improve communication and pragmatic (but not always obvious) practices for the creation of meaningful solutions. My most significant source of satisfaction and accomplishment is to see how I can directly impact the quality of life of the people with whom I work.

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