Transparent Testing

As an accomplished automation and process improvement specialist, Bas brings more than a decade of experience in software development across many technologies. Starting out as a developer and then rising into architecture, Bas has focused in on the highly rewarding aspect of developing software by working with the people that use the tools he creates. What started as developing internal tools evolved into designing and implementing domain-specific languages for testing.

Bas delights in the processes of both training and building tools for testing; knowing that this work directly impacts and improves the lives of the people he works with every day is highly motivating. QA has been long maligned as an expense. By making transparent the value of QA, Bas’ solutions show this reputation can be changed.

Ultimately, Bas’  goal is not only to restore trust and transparency in your business through effective quality assurance but to make your life and the experience of your employees better.

Originally from the Netherlands, he is based in Denver, Colorado with clients found both in the United States and overseas. Bas’ varied work and cultural experiences provide added insight into the solutions to problems delivered by Possum Labs.

When he is not at work developing code and solutions, you might find Bas scuba diving or catching some fresh powder in the Colorado Rockies.

Possum Labs Solutions

At Possum Labs we turn your problems into solutions.

We focus on pragmatic solutions without preconceptions of what those should look like.

Survival is imperative, in business just as in nature; like our namesake, we are willing to consider unorthodox solutions and judge them by the results.

Problems Become Solutions

Businesses face many problems around quality in software, we will consider these as symptoms. We will help you evaluate these, trace them to their origins and work with you on developing a plan to change behaviors. We have no plan of trying to making you look like Google because you are not Google; instead, we will help you reach your next step in your unique evolution.

We provide you the framework, help you implement your domain specific language, and custom tools to solve your problems and then, we teach you how to maintain and support your new business processes. Our goal is to provide you the support you need while focussing on making you self-sufficient.

We stand by our work and delight in customer success.

Contact Possum Labs to learn how our methods can help you to evolve your quality assurance processes to provide transparent quality and easy to use technology that savvy customers expect. Restore customer faith that your software will reliably work as expected.