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Your business is important and investing in tools, training, and people is smart. However, where do you go and what do you do, when you spend valuable time and money on best practices, the best new technology, agile implementations, and or new people and yet you continue to hit the wall or run into roadblocks and bottlenecks?

That’s what we do at Possum Labs. We ask the right questions to determine the best solutions for the business, the people, the technologies  and the workflow you have.






Possum Labs Solutions

At Possum Labs we can get excited by “playing possum,” because it is an unanticipated solution. Possums may be small, cute and furry creatures, but they also claim a variety of evolutionary actions and defense mechanisms that are incredibly simple and yet effective, because they are unexpected.

Scary preditor? Play dead. Rattlesnake venom? No problem. Rabies? Immune. Hungry? Omnivore with a top-notch memory for locating food sources. Need to get something open? Opposable thumb. Need a hangout? Prehensile tail.

Problems become Solutions

At Possum Labs we turn your problems into solutions.

Not only does the possum represent remarkable evolutionary behaviors, but the possum is also the only North American marsupial. Possum Labs, like our namesake, follows a unique and highly effective philosophy to process improvement, the foundation of which is the understanding that in many situations the problem can become the solution.

Possum Labs delivers novel solutions to human technology problems, using the people and the technology you already have on hand. We provide you the framework and custom tools to solve your problems and then, we teach you how to maintain and support your new business processes. We stand by our work and delight in customer success.

Let’s work together.

Contact Possum Labs to learn how our practical methods can inform your decision making, our particular techniques can improve communication, and our unique yet pragmatic ways deliver meaningful solutions.

Bas Hamer, Founder of Possum Labs

An accomplished automation and process improvement specialist, Bas brings more than a decade of experience as a process improvement consultant and a long list of happy clients to his work at Possum Labs. He relishes delivering custom solutions built on an opensource code to help organizations solve problems. And, he delights in helping his customers get to a point where they are excited to get up and go to work each day.

At Possum Labs the ultimate goal is not only to save your business time and money but to make your life and the experience of your employees better.

Originally from the Netherlands, he is based in Denver, Colorado with clients found both in the United States and overseas. Bas’ varied work and cultural experiences provide added insight to the solutions to problems delivered by Possum Labs. Focusing on real people and real organizations, we recognize that each organization has unique needs and requirements. This awareness means that we focus on pragmatic tactics and effective strategies rather than a theoretical approach.

Recent Possum Labs Solutions Clients


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"Under tight timelines, high-quality requirements and limited resources, Bas was able to build and deliver solutions that added tremendous value to the organization by improving our deployments, support our quality improvement goals and scale our operations."

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