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Effective QA is Not an Option it’s a Necessity: Here’s How to do it Right

One of the most challenging aspects of testing is figuring out not only how to effectively and efficiently create and run tests that confidently deliver meaningful results to the decision makers. Whether you are a software business or a business that uses software, successful quality assurance is crucial to the long-term health and success of your business. This article discusses what you need to put in place to achieve and benefit from effective QA.

3 Risks to Every Team’s Progress and How to Mitigate

When looking at improving performance the first thought is often to increase the size of our development team; however, a larger group is not necessarily the only or the best solution. In this piece, I suggest several reasons to keep teams small and why to stop them from getting too tiny. I also look at several types of risk to consider when looking at team size: how team size effects communication, and the possibility of individual risk and systematic risk.

How To Play with LEGO® When You Should be Testing

There is a gap between automating your testing and implementing automated testing. The first is taking what you do and automating it; the second is writing your tests in an executable manner. You might wonder about the distinction that makes these activities...

Process Design for the Team You Have: Surgical Team

Maximizing Productivity and Creating Value Series Human-centered Development Strategy: Article I The Brook’s Surgical Team: Archaic or Cutting Edge? The surgical team as described by Frederick Brooks in the Mythical Man Month admittedly feels a little archaic to the...

Variables in Gherkin: Readable by Humans

Clear and Readable Language The purpose of Cucumber is to provide a clear and readable language for people (the humans) who need to understand a test’s function. Cucumber is designed to simplify and clarify testing. For me, Cucumber is an efficient and pragmatic...

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