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Effective QA is Not an Option it’s a Necessity: Here’s How to do it Right

One of the most challenging aspects of testing is figuring out not only how to effectively and efficiently create and run tests that confidently deliver meaningful results to the decision makers. Whether you are a software business or a business that uses software, successful quality assurance is crucial to the long-term health and success of your business. This article discusses what you need to put in place to achieve and benefit from effective QA.

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3 Risks to Every Team’s Progress and How to Mitigate

When looking at improving performance the first thought is often to increase the size of our development team; however, a larger group is not necessarily the only or the best solution. In this piece, I suggest several reasons to keep teams small and why to stop them from getting too tiny. I also look at several types of risk to consider when looking at team size: how team size effects communication, and the possibility of individual risk and systematic risk.

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Unrealistic Expectations: The Missing History of Agile

Unrealistic expectations or “why we can’t replicate the success of others... Let’s start with a brain teaser to set the stage for questioning our assumptions. One day a man visits a church and asks to speak with the priest. He…

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Navigating Babylon Part II

How to Introduce DomainSpeak in Testing First, let’s start with a quick overview of the problem I discussed in Navigating Babylon Part I. Microservices create efficiencies in development in a world dependent on remote work environments and teams. Unfortunately, the…