3 Risks to Every Team’s Progress and How to Mitigate

When looking at improving performance the first thought is often to increase the size of our development team; however, a larger group is not necessarily the only or the best solution. In this piece, I suggest several reasons to keep teams small and why to stop them from getting too tiny. I also look at several types of risk to consider when looking at team size: how team size effects communication, and the possibility of individual risk and systematic risk.

Why Negligence in Software should be of Urgent Concern to You

The future of Liability in Software: Many things set software companies apart from other businesses. A significant, but an often overlooked difference, is that the manufacturers of software exhibit little fear of getting sued for negligence, including defects or misuse…

Predicting the Future: the Big Data Quandary

Predicting the Future: The Big Data Quandary

The Role of Testing in Indeterminate Systems: should the humans be held accountable? Big data is a hot topic that introduces us to incredible possibility and potentially terrible consequences. Big data essentially means that engineers can harness and analyze traditionally…

Mayday! Bad UX in Airplanes

A call for a "FAA" of Software Development

Software development teams constantly learn lessons. Some of these lessons are more significant than others. Due to the fact that there is not a universal method or process for sharing lessons learned, many lessons are learned in parallel within different…