Is the Possum Lab for BDD (Behavior Driven Design tool)?

The Possum Lab is a technology designed for people with existing software that they need to test and document. Behavior Driven Development (BDD) is a branch of Test Driven Development (TDD). BDD deploys human-readable descriptions of software user requirements as the foundation for software tests. This is a methodology that, when followed, should prevent you from ever finding yourself in this scenario.

BBD is similar to Domain Driven Development (DDD), is the example of a shared vocabulary of stakeholders, domain experts, and engineers.

The Possum Lab does create tests in Gherkin, and Gherkin is designed for the BDD methodology. We use the Gherkin technology to solve some of the same problems it solves for BDD, bridging the gap between human-readable tests and executing code.

If you are building a new application, please consider using BDD.