We turn your problems into solutions.

Businesses face many problems around quality in software, we consider these as symptoms. We will help you evaluate your symptoms, trace them to their origins, and work with you on developing a plan to change behaviors.

We provide you the framework, work with you to implement a domain specific language, and build custom tools to solve your problems. We then teach you how to maintain and support your new business processes.

Our goal is to provide you with the support you need while focussing on making you self-sufficient. Our solutions will restore customer faith that your software will reliably work as expected.   

Our Goal is Transparency and Ease of Use

Savvy customers expect transparent quality and easy to use technology. In an increasingly competitive market, your ability to recover from past quality issues is an uphill battle, unless you discover a way to restore trust and instill transparency.

As a software company maintaining multiple active branches or experiencing unclear tests, recurring defects, and testing backlogs; you may not see another way.

You’ve already lost your customers’ trust and you weigh the risk of going live before each new release. Past mistakes continue to multiply and maintaining quality within a reasonable budget becomes an ever-increasing challenge.

At Possum Labs our training, Open Source tools, and solutions rely on building transparent testing processes accessible to everyone. We help you put a stop to all those extra meetings, increase efficiency,  break down barriers to entry for testing automation, and most importantly, restore trust.


Don’t Ignore Quality Assurance

Talking about quality is sticky, but talking about quality is what customers actually want. All anyone really wants is to have faith that your software will be easy to use and work reliably.  

Our tools are built to help rebuild trust. We make your automated testing transparent across your organization and your customers’. We provide solutions that help you implement a domain-specific language making automated testing accessible to any who understands your product. And, by providing QA open source tools to help in implementing behavior-driven development solutions that make testing easier, faster and less fragile.

Possum Labs’ specializes in building transparency by implementing pragmatic test frameworks utilizing domain-specific languages. We create testing solutions that work for you, your company, your customers, and your people.

Generate value and trust.

Our consultants deliver what you need, from training, proof-of-concept projects, reusable artifacts, reference architectures, to leading implementation projects to assist small to medium-sized businesses in the integration of new or existing, operational tool sets with a holistic testing solution.

When we finish up an implementation, we will support our work for as long as you want or need. Our focus is to help your team be self-sufficient, we believe that our goal should be to ramp down our involvement and move from implementation to supporting to reviewing and advising.

Pragmatic Solutions for the People You have

Your people know your business, our goal is to teach them and help them get up and running providing the support that is needed while it is needed.  

We are not afraid to build technology that doesn’t yet exist. We will train and mentor your existing teams as we integrate our solutions to be sure that everyone and everything works in harmony.

We offer full implementations with built-in training, maintenance, and customized support.

"Possum labs drove our automation efforts into new frontiers, leaving us with a framework that enabled us to predictably and repeatedly isolate functional and scaling concerns within multiple large and complex systems before they reach production.."

– Satisfied Customer

Ready To Get Started?

From devops to automated test framework architecture work with Possum Labs to effectively and efficiently improve your processes and run successful automations.