Struggling with Testing and Automation?


Do you want to improve your processes and automate your testing so that you can focus on growing your business and revenue?

Are you ready for releases to run smoothly without returning bugs that cause you and your customers to lose faith?

Are you done with bottlenecks and looking for a solution that ensures you and your QA team will keep up with development?



Get It Done

Possum Labs Custom Solutions

Possum Lab’s custom built and designed solutions will speed up your testing and QA process several magnitudes if not significantly more.

Not only will we smooth out communication between business analysts, developers, and testers, but we will also speed up your testing process and ensure that you get meaningful results with massive improvements in communication and trust.

We’ll make sure that the business analysts can read what tests do, developers get the information they need, and testers will feel like they are playing with  LEGO®.


Existing solutions or legacy products currently in manual testing

You need to automate, but what you have tried before never stuck. Possum Labs will work with your organization and build custom tools that your existing people and manual testers can use. Rather than focusing on testing, we focus on how testing interacts with the other parts of the organization. Let’s work together to leverage what you have so that you can improve your business processes and automate testing.

Development is fast and smooth, but your Test Automation (QA) can’t keep up.

Maybe your development team has gone Agile, but now your QA can’t keep up. Or you’ve got inconsistencies, and errors and the opportunities for things to break are just too risky. Customers won’t try new releases, because they are afraid of bugs and now you are stuck doing hotfixes, and you’ve got multiple customers in multiple versions.

You need to improve processes and communication.

You need to build trust through communication: there is a lack of trust between teams.

Customers won’t update to new releases because they are afraid of new bugs and now you are stuck doing hotfixes for each version a customer uses.

Each release gets worse. Frustrations are mounting.

You need to improve trust through communication.

How Possum Labs Works

Possum Labs’ experienced consultants specialize in building and implementing pragmatic test frameworks built on Open Source Code that help you understand, plan and implement best practices around managing and operating testing solutions that work for you, your company, your customers, and your people.

Our consultants deliver proof-of-concept projects, reusable artifacts, reference architectures, and lead implementation projects to assist small to medium-sized businesses in the integration of new or existing, operational tool sets with a holistic testing solution. When we finish up an implementation, we will support our work for as long as you want or need.

We are not afraid to build technology that doesn’t yet exist. We will mentor your existing teams as we integrate our solutions to sure that everyone and everything works in harmony. We offer full implementations with built-in training, maintenance, and custom support.

Build faster and more reliable processes.

  • Understand, plan and implement best practices that work for your team.
  • Manage and operate testing solutions that work for the people you have.
  • Automate tests that deliver results on time and without a bottleneck.
  • Integrate existing solutions with operational tool sets.
  • Develop holistic testing solutions.
  • Deliver releases on time and earn the confidence of your customers.
  • Stop worrying and sleep like a baby.

Managing Automation Doesn’t Have to Be Hard.

Don’t lose confidence in your teams and waste time on hacks and temporary fixes.

Don’t let your customers lose confidence in your product.

Don’t wait for the dam to crack before you start to implement a solution.

Avoid damage control because customers doubt your quality.

"Possum labs drove our automation efforts into new frontiers, leaving us with a framework that enabled us to predictably and repeatedly isolate functional and scaling concerns within multiple large and complex systems before they reach production.."

– Satisfied Customer

Ready To Get Started?

From devops to automated test framework architecture work with Possum Labs to effectively and efficiently improve your processes and run successful automations.