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Why Possum Labs?

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Possum head shot

At Possum Labs every solution is unique and crafted to meet the specific needs of each company’s particular structure, culture, and goals.

Why Possum Labs? Wondering how we can get excited by “playing possum?” Playing dead certainly, qualifies as a surprising evolutionary advantage. “Playing possum” works, because it is an unanticipated solution and no one else does it. Indeed the opossum may be small, cute and furry, but he also claims a variety of evolutionary actions and defense mechanisms that are incredibly simple and yet effective, because they are unexpected. Rattlesnake venom? No problem. Rabies? Immune. Hungry? Omnivore with a top-notch memory for locating food sources. Need to get something open? Opposable thumb. Need a hangout? Prehensile tail.

In addition to his many remarkable evolutionary behaviors, the opossum is also the only North American marsupial. At Possum Labs, the opossum represents the other way, the path less traveled. Most importantly, the opossum demonstrates that sometimes, the problem can become the solution.

Possum Labs delivers novel solutions to human problems.
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