Speaking Invitations

Bas Hamer is a software engineer, trainer, and mentor on a mission to help businesses improve their quality assurance processes and procedures, from implementation to testing. Bas has helped numerous companies in diverse fields from finance to entertainment to healthcare implement custom tools and methods to automate and ensure efficient use of resources for the highest gain. With a dual BS in Computer Science and Mechanical Engineering and a professional interest in human psychology, efficiency and motivation, he has nearly 20 years of experience working with humans and software to improve processes, automation, and communication.

Over the years Bas has developed several open source tools and methods that help him achieve results. His solutions are not one size fits all, but crafted to meet the unique needs of each company’s culture and stated goals. Bas excels at identifying the appropriate tools and methods for building solutions that work for his specific and individual clients. Some people call this human-centered design; others call it pragmatic programming. To Bas, it is merely asking the right questions to identify the real sticking points and challenges, to implement solutions that work for the people, the workflows, and the technology on hand.

He enjoys speaking, mentoring and teaching these methods and tools to those who will benefit from them most. If you would like him to present to your group, panel, company or meet-up, please complete your the speaker request form, and we’ll be in touch.

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